We highly emphasize the distinct differences between being 100% Organic and being an 100% Organic and Natural company like us. Some ingredients that are used in our ingredients are from earthly natural resources, while our other ingredients, such as our coconut oil, are from manufactures that are USDA Organic Certified. There is no such thing as an USDA organic certified salt, given that it is a natural mineral from earth. Therefore, we like to be as straightforward as possible with our ingredients list so our customers can tell the difference between our certified organic products and our naturally resourced products.



We do not test our products on animals and make sure we only buy from manufactures who are cruelty-free as well. 



All of our products are vegan based. They are made from strictly plant-based ingredients, giving your product a more natural touch.


We are 99% Plastic-Free. This means that although we use glass for our products, some of our lids contain recycable plastic.