Chébé Stimulating Growth Oil

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Chébé Stimulating Growth Oil


2 oz.

Have you ever heard of Chébé (shay-bay)? Similar to Ayurvedic herbs used in Asia, this pure herbal powder is found in East Africa. Native to Chad and Sudan, this powder is used by the Basara women on their hair to retain length and moisture. Chébé consists of a mixture of  Chébé seeds, mahleb, cloves and vegetable oils. When used consistently in your hair routine, this oil can promote healthy hair growth and moisture.

Key Ingredients:

Chébé - Imported from Chad

This herbal powder is infused in our stimulating growth oil to provide you its key benefits, growth and moisture.

Moringa Oil - Imported from Namibia

Rich in Vitamin C, moringa oil helps moisturize the scalp and strengthens the hair. This oil is also great for fighting dandruff and split ends.

Black Castor Oil - Imported from Jamaica

Known for its amazing growth and moisturizing qualities, this oil will help your hair grow quicker and fuller.

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