Young Women Empowerment


Naturals of Alkebulan has partnered with Huru International to aid in promoting sustainable health and education amongst young girls in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Due to the lack of resources and education some East African communities have on menstruation and feminine hygiene, many young girls are susceptible to infections and illness from unsanitary disposable pads and underwear. This can result in girls falling behind in their studies or dropping out of school, perpetuating the vicious cycles of gender inequality and poverty that persist in many African countries. To help keep these girls in school and improve their overall well-being, Huru provides re-usable sanitary pads combined with sexual and reproductive health education and life skills workshops.

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Each purchase made contributes to the distribution of menstruation kits for young girls throughout Kenya and Tanzania. Every month we send a portion of our proceeds to Huru International to buy multiple kits for girls. Each kit contains reusable pads that will last a girl 18 months. So far Huru International has donated over 150,000 Huru Kits to girls in East Africa and we plan to help them increase those numbers with the help of CEO & Founder, Toddossa Coleman, and our customers. 

Significantly, Huru’s program encompasses much more than making and distributing re-usable sanitary pads. Huru provides girls with extensive educational programming focused on life skills and sexual and reproductive health information, and it also reaches boys, families, and communities with the same.



Huru Kits are environmentally friendly and locally produced, creating new jobs in African communities. The Huru International office in Nairobi, Kenya employs local women to help create these kits with fair wages that help locals and their communities.

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